Amazon Pay- Adding cash Rs.5000 Via Doorstep Cash Load & Get Cashback Extra Rs.500

Amazon free rs 1000 when you deposit in your amazon pay account at your doorstep.
Hello article readers, I'm going to share with you today how you can get Rs.1000 cashback on Rs.5000 doorstep deposit. So let's know how this offer can be obtained.The offer below is updated Now that Amazon offers Rs.500 Cashback on Rs.5000 Cash-load.

Now you get rs 100 cashback when you deposit rs 1000 or more in your amazon pay account.
Now you get rs 1000 cashback when you deposit rs 5000 or more in your amazon pay account.

How to get this bumper offer. 
Follow some steps to get huge cashback in Amazon Pay.
  • Firstly visit offer page.
  • Now chose any product (that you want to buy).
  • Now select a pay on delivery option (most important to get cashback).
  • Now you need to wait for delivery boy attempt your order delivery and then you need to ask you to Deposit a minimum 5000 Rs.
  • When he deposit a 5000 rs into your amazon pay account you will get a 100 or 1000 cashback into your amazon pay account with in a 7 Days (usually it will deposited in a 24 hour) .
  • It offer only valid where amazon courier service are available.
  • Cash back is useful for any purchase in or Mobile recharge or bill Payments.   
Terms and Conditions from Amazon pay.
1. What's that offer?
 When you pay cash for your "Pay on Delivery" order, add an additional INR.1000 in cash to your Amazon Pay balance and get an extra INR.100.

2 How do I add cash at the front door? 
Simple! Just hand over additional cash and ask your delivery agent to help you add it with your next Pay on Delivery order to your Amazon Pay balance.

3 I have placed "Pay on INR.500 delivery order, what is the amount I need to pay to the delivery agent if I want to take advantage of this offer? 
To take advantage of the offer you must pay INR.500 for your payment on delivery order and an additional INR.1000 or more: INR.500 (your order value) + INR.1000 (cash to be added to your Amazon Pay balance)= INR.1500 

4 How many times can I take advantage of this offer? 
During the offer period, you can use this offer only once.

5 Do I need to add a minimum cash value to use the cashback? 
Ya, to take advantage of the cashback, the minimum cash you add to your Amazon Pay balance should be INR 1000.

6 What can I get the maximum cashback? 
You can get the maximum cashback INR 100 at once.

7 When will the cash payment be credited and where? 
The cash you handed to the delivery agent will immediately be credited to your Amazon Pay balance and you will also receive an email or SMS confirmation. At: https:/, you can also check your Amazon Pay balance.  

8 When will the cashback be credited in Amazon pay and where? 
Cashback will be credited to the balance of Amazon Pay within 7 days from the date you add cash to your Amazon Pay balance.

9 Where can I spend Amazon Pay Cashback ? 
You can spend your Amazon Pay balance on Amazon shopping, payments and recharges for utility bills, and sites and merchants across Amazon partners.

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