Realme 3 Pro to be launched in India on April 22 at 12:30

Realme 3 Pro
The launch event Realme 3 Pro will take place at Delhi University Stadium as Realme CEO Madhav Sheth shared pictures of the place a few days ago. Realme, the latest smartphone manufacturer to take the smartphone industry by storm, has just revealed the details of the launch of its much anticipated Realme 3 Pro. Realme revealed the launch of the Realme 3 Pro on April 22 at 12:30pm at Delhi University. The launch event is likely to take place at the University Stadium as a couple of days ago Madhav Sheth, the company's CEO shared images of the stadium. 

The company also revealed the marketing tagline for the device, "Speed Awakens," besides the launch date of the Realme 3 Pro. The launch comes a month after the Realme 3 was launched by the company. The company also teased the arrival of the Realme 3 Pro as the last presentation slide during the launch of the Realme 3, as previously reported. Since the launch event is only about two weeks away, Realme has already teased some details of the device without telling us a lot about it. Sheth teased that the Realme 3 Pro will be able to run Fortnite through a photo he shared yesterday, as previously reported. Sheth also claimed that while taking a shot at the competition, the device will be the first in its segment to run Fortnite. Also in the same photo was a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro with an error message as Sheth was trying to run the game. This probably indicates that Realme is confident of the device's performance to compete. 

In addition Sheth shared some samples of the camera from the unreleased device to generate hype on the device launch. The camera sample tweet was the first one where he revealed that Realme was coming back to campus to launch the device while showing some University Stadium pictures.

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