No More Free calls on Jio Network, You may pay On Next Calls !

If you are a live user, then this news is going to be very important for you. So you have to read it a carefully. You all know that when Jio came to the market, all the networks had given away the sixes of the company, because for the first time he had brought unlimited data and calls for free. But now you will get the data for free in Jio but you will not have to pay calls for that.

After the arrival of Jio, all the rest of the company started running at a huge loss and its profit was reduced to 90%. Now let me tell you why you have to pay money to talk in live. According to TRAI, when you call from one operator to another operator, you have to pay the charge to the other operator, as if call was made from Jio to Vodafone, then Jio has to pay 6 paise per minute to Vodafone. Although TRAI is going to remove this rule in January 2020, but other operators such as Vodafone, Idea, Airtel are giving a lot of pressure that this cannot happen. And till now, Jio has given 13,500 crores to these companies. And the incoming outgoing calls in Jio have increased significantly.

New Updates From Jio

  • If you Call jio to jio then it will be free.
  • Now you will have to keep talk-time balance along with unlimited pack.
  • If you call other operator from Jio, then you have to pay 6 / Minute charge.
  • For this charges, Jio will provide you with extra data.
  • Information about the new charge and the free data received from it is given below.

You do not have to do anything in this, if you want to talk more, that will be the number of Jio, then you will get to talk for free. And on the rest of the network, you have to pay 4 money and it is not so much money, then there is no reason for tension. Nowadays, Jio's network is coming up everywhere. So you can get your port ported in Jio and support indigenous company. And where there is a problem of Jio's network, Jio is busy improving its network, and maybe in January 2020 this rule can be removed under the new rule.

Regarding this important news, Jio has also made an official tweet, this fee will be applicable in entire India from today or in a few days.

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