Google Pay 2020, How to get Selfie Stamp (Trick)

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Google Pay offers a 2020 Game and you need to collect all of 7 stamp and may you get reward worth of  200 rs to 2020 rs in Coupon.In this Happy New Year for the 2019 end of year & Christmas Festival you will win a security deposit from 202 until 2020. I hope everybody will receive this amount of rewards after reading this article.

We're getting cashback directly into our bank account, to refund, purchase, referral, and upload, Google Pay is the most common application for the deal there. Scratch Card Idea Google Pay & Earn was Super Famous Nowadays User Preferred & Like Google Pay for Money Transfer To Other UPI & Into Wallet.

1 Balloon
2 DJ
3 Sunglasses
4 Pizza 
5 Toffee
6 Disco
7 Selfie 
How to get Selfie Stamp (Trick)

In this post, we will show Google's official methods suggested for claiming selfie stamps. The trick to collect disco stamp has already been released in GooglePay 2020. When you're searching for disk stamps, you can check it out.

1st Method
Make 2 Bill payment-Make Bill Payments Of Allow me to use the Google Pay App more. You can get a free selfie stamp after 2nd payment.

2nd Method
Refer your Friend and make a unique payment- Referral code & say to your friends the first transaction, to do with your 2 Friends With your Google Pay Referral Code. By referencing 2 friends as per Google, you will win a selfie stamp.

Other Methods

  • The Google Pay UPI is a fee that you can pay for in Cred App or Airtel Thanks App Through Google Pay UPI and get a Selfie stamp. (We got it from it)
  • Exchange your extra stamp with your friends and they will gives you a stamp which you want.
  • Pay min 249 to third parties app via G pay and you will get a disco or selfie stamp.
  • Go to image scanners and if you are a luck you may will get a disco or selfie stamp.
  • Listen G-Pay advertisement on TV or YouTube and you will get a unique stamp.
  • Gift your extra stamp to your friend and may next time you will get a disco or selfie stamp..

Collect your all 7 stamp collection and may you will get a 2020 Rs from a google. We will updated more method to get unique G-pay stamp which you want so Please visit our Web-site regularly.

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