New Flagship Realme X2 Pro

Lets get it Specification

We got the white Realme X2 Pro's Lunar color version for analysis, which looks a lot different but looks a bit like Realme X.It has this pearly gradient effect that just slightly shifts color in the light. It is not unrealistic like some of the other gradient finishes offered by other firms, and has some dignity, which is not yours. This is a model which is just like you sit comfortably in your pocket in a boardroom.

With little or no flexure when pressure is applied, the aluminum frame and the glass on both the front and back certainly feel sturdy enough. It weighs 199 grams, and the balance is also fairly good if weighted slightly upwards. The slippery nature of the phone means that single-handed use is not a good idea without a cover.There is something very odd about the spot where the glass meets the metal, where the edges are a little sharp, which indicates that the measurements are not as precise as on the top.

The top of the screen houses a small teardrop notch that is easy to disregard, and a USB-C port is welcome and present on the bottom.Those looking to expand the storage will be out of luck, as the X2 Pro lacks a microSD card slot. At the higher storage configurations, this will likely not matter, but for those with the 64GB version, it is certainly an important consideration.
In total, while there is not much to differentiate between the X2 Pro and the competition, there is nothing to think about. It is certainly necessary to slap the case instantly, but for any modern glass sandwich. This is a requirement. This is a solid effort for a first move at' Premium' in the middle of the range, and Realme should be commended.

The screen is 6.5 inches diagonally and, in addition to the slippery effect, the use of a one-handed person with big hands is best attempted. The monitor uses a Full HD+ (2400x 1080 pixel) Super AMOLED screen with refresh rate of 90 Hz. The monitor is HDR10+ accredited and offers a gamut of 100% DCI-P3 colour.The computer is luminous enough, as it has a maximum light ratio of 1000 nits and is visible in bright solar light. To consumers, Vivid and Gentle, there are two color modes. The Vivid color mode is based on a color spectrum from DCI-P3, while the Gentle color mode is sRGB.

The Realme X2 Pro has a quad-camera system that gives a chance photographer a lot of flexibility. The main camera uses a Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP sensor with a F/1.8 aperture in a quad-bayer set-up. The sensor will play images at 64MP with the dedicated' 64MP' mode, and the results are incredibly accurate in a good light. In addition, the sensors are also able to reproduce images with 64MP.

In well-lit settings, the quad camera system will take excellent images and the overall experience remains very positive. Nevertheless, the company needs to work on its algorithms for processing of images to make them easier for photography at night. During the need for night mode, noise is king due to the lack of OIS, and specifics are all but lost. Due to the lack of OIS.

Nonetheless, it demonstrates the device's weakness compared with the Google Pixel 3a, which is a better camera phone at nearly the same rate. It is not a deal breaker by any means. But you miss out on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus' flashy, high performance.

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