World's Smartest Wearable Gadgets (You never seen before)

Xen xo Smart Ring

Xen xo Ring is a lightweight, intelligent ring that has real solutions designed to address numerous defects that smart wearable have not yet addressed. Intelligent ring in the world.

Something About it.

The Xen xo X-Ring covers your little finger with technology that facilitates smart, secure and smooth operations in your world Nevertheless, the design of the 360-degree Ring is intentional and we-theco-founder of the company-want you to understand why the product is perfect. Wrap your little finger with technology, do everything, by wearing a small ring-the Xen xo S-Ring. The ring is able to control your life in your hands with 12 specific applications created.Type in anything that you want. Then click Quill It on the right to paraphrase your input.


  • Take a calls directly with your fingers.
  • Store your important document and files in a ring.
  • Change music with your fingers.
  • Make payment easily with your hand (No Smartphone needed).
  • Easily track your fitness.
  • Quick calls with your hand.
  • It also gives you reminder if you forgot your pone.
  • Its also work with Bluetooth key. (for open close your home doors)
  • Talk to your ring for assist.
  • 4 Gb Flash Storage.
  • Inbuilt earpiece.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Inbuilt Proximity ,NFC, Accelerometer  sensor.

How it is Work 
  • You need to wear ring
  • Pair with Bluetooth to your smartphone.
  • Unlock your Ring with Xen Xo app.
  • Connect it via USB to your PC or Mac.
  • Authentic.
  • Access your data.
This is a Smart wearable device that will never see before, If you have a much money so you can must buy it for make your life easy. But now it is on the development stage and also it is quite expensive.

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